IPSA Security Services (IPSA) is the preferred local choice for unarmed security services in Phoenix, AZ, Austin, TX and surrounding areas. Founded in 2010, IPSA has grown from a small, local operation to a trusted industry leader because of our commitment to high-quality service for every client and every employee, every time.

With hundreds of trained officers in the field, we are proud to provide a range of specialized security services that strengthen the companies we serve. When our clients can focus on running their business instead of day-to-day security operations, the opportunities for growth are unlimited. Our dedication to the job and respect for our clients has earned extreme client loyalty and excellent officer retention. We do what we say we’re going to do, and then we do a little more. We believe in going above and beyond our clients’ expectations.

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IPSA offers clients unmatched value with:

Personalized attention

A custom approach to unarmed security service

Direct access to IPSA’s executive management team

Ongoing training above and beyond industry expectations

Advanced technology for accurate reporting

We know there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to security. Every property is different, with particular nuances that inform a security strategy. We take it all into consideration when building a custom security service plan for each client.

Meet the IPSA Team

The IPSA Proprietary Process


Administrative Roll Out

To get started on the right foot, we’ll get weekly meetings on the books, set parameters for staffing, wages and scheduling, complete our proprietary Transition Checklist and sign all contracts.


Build a Custom Team

Once we understand your unique needs and expectations, we’ll build out a dream team of IPSA security officers with the right skills, experience and areas of expertise. We’ll also recruit and hire to fill any gaps.


Facility Tour & Safety Audit

The best way to get our hand-picked team up to speed on your facility is through a guided tour. We’ll also conduct a safety audit at this time to ensure all necessary equipment is in place or on order.


Comprehensive Training

Our team will then undergo comprehensive training to ensure we have the necessary skills to perform to the best of our ability. We’ll get specific to your facility, so our team knows the ins and outs before we’re in the field.


Hit the Ground Running

From there, it’s time to get started. With a trained team, a custom-designed security operating procedure and all security equipment in place on site, we’ll arrive at your facility on day one energized and ready to go. We continue to maintain open lines of communication with daily reporting and monthly meetings with the IPSA management team.

Customer FAQs

Our Values


IPSA is a family. We take care of our own and are proud to have some of the best employee retention rates in the industry. IPSA staff know they work for people, not just a company.

We treat our employees right, and in turn, they take incredible care of our clients, building longstanding relationships.


IPSA is committed to doing the job right. We follow the proper procedures and our officer training program surpasses industry expectations.

If a mistake happens, we make it right. We know the small details make all the difference and are not afraid to go the extra mile for our clients.


At IPSA, we’re here to serve – and we’re not just saying that. We’re considerate, courteous and attentive. We know our job is 90% service, 10% emergency response and we excel in both.

We work hard to understand our clients’ needs and create a customized approach – every time. Learning spaces, names and faces, holding the door and keeping things tidy are small services that make a big impact.


We’re proud to lead the industry with a strategic and driven senior management team that has decades of experience. We’ve developed a wireless deployment and reporting technology that sets us apart.

IPSA promotes leaders from within. Our security officers earn responsibility and recognition by doing their job right and setting a good example.


IPSA team members care about each other, our clients and our reputation. That’s what makes us different. We’re on time and excited to do the job.

We love our work, and it shows in every action and interaction. We don’t miss shifts, cut corners or take the easy road. We go above and beyond to keep our client’s properties safe and tidy.


IPSA is a proud member of the following organizations.


Joseph B., Current Client


“I have been doing business with and alongside of IPSA Security Services for the past three years and I have always been completely happy and impressed by their integrity.”

Doug Mills, Area Manager since 2010


“This is my dream job! I care about my site and the people I protect, and IPSA cares about me.”

Gary, Current Client


“I wanted to tell you how refreshing it is to deal with a company that still cares more about their people than the bottom line of the business. A lot of companies say they really care, IPSA proves it at every opportunity. You are a true asset to our business community!”

Ghulam Abass, Security Officer since 2015


“IPSA security services has become my second home. They have always been very supportive, kind, respectful and a wonderful work environment.”

David C., Current Client


“As a heavily outsourced organization, our partnership with IPSA is critical to the overall safety and security of our organization.”

Mike Hutton, Site Supervisor since 2014


“IPSA always promotes within and gives great opportunity to those looking to move up within the company. You’ll never feel as if you’re “just a number.” IPSA makes everyone feel like they are family.”

Excellent service for every client, every employee, every day.

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