Group of IPSA employees

May 2019 Employee of the Month – Chuck Knapp

Chuck is our 1st shift M lobby officer and has been with IPSA for almost 3 years now. Anyone that knows Chuck is aware of his comicality and his drollery banter which makes him fun to interact with, especially when ones mood needs elevated. Chuck’s computer knowledge has been helpful to many of his colleagues who have needed technical assistance from time to time.

During the month of May Chuck received kudos from the nurses that were here doing health screenings for two weeks. He was conducive in expediting their badging process daily as well as the NXP spouses that were here for their screenings.

Chuck, was also instrumental in making sure the initial badging process for the 22 new Interns was organized and ran smoothly, at the same time using his humor to help defuse their first day anxiety.

Thank you Chuck for all you do!

Please also recognize our Honorable mention for May: Justin Jackman our newest IPSA Officer and 3rd shift back up SOC Lead.