Potential Benefits of Using Unarmed Security Guards

– Cost Savings – They are less expensive than armed guards since they do not require firearms training and licensing. This can make them more affordable for many businesses and organizations.

– Reduced Liability – There is less risk and liability involved when guards are unarmed. Lawsuits and legal issues are less likely to arise from incidents compared to armed personnel.

– De-escalation – Unarmed guards are more likely to use verbal de-escalation tactics and non-physical methods to defuse tense situations. They are trained to calm disruptive individuals without using force.

– Approachability – Many people find unarmed guards less intimidating than armed ones. This can promote better relationships between guards and the people they protect and serve.

– Perception – In settings like schools, hospitals and public spaces, unarmed guards may give community members a greater sense of safety without the weapon presence.

– Compliance – They can often gain compliance from people solely based on their authoritative presence without relying on the threat of force.

– Versatility – Unarmed guards can be appropriate for a wider range of environments like corporate offices, retail stores, churches and more where armed guards may not be suitable.

Here are some additional details on the potential cost savings of using unarmed security guards:

– No Firearms Costs – Unarmed guards do not require expenditure on firearms, ammunition, gun licensing and mandated range time/training. This avoids these ongoing costs.

– Lower Insurance – Insurance policies for unarmed guards tend to be less expensive compared to armed personnel coverage. Their lower risk results in lower premiums.

– Reduced Training – The training requirements are typically less extensive for unarmed guards, centered more on observation, reporting, verbal commands, etc. This shorter training time reduces labor costs.

– Lower Wages – The wages unarmed guards command are usually lower than armed counterparts. Their skills and risk levels are seen as lower, so wage expectations decrease.

– No Storage Needs – No need for secure gun storage facilities and procedures onsite. This saves on inventory, storage, and monitoring costs.

– Flexible Staffing – Unarmed guards can be added more flexibly to augment staffing as needed. Adding armed guards involves more logistics, costs, and procedures.

– Lower Turnover – The training requirements are less for unarmed guards, so replacing staff is simpler and less costly.

– Suit More Sites – Unarmed guards allow for security staffing at sites that may not allow, or be suitable for armed guards, expanding options.

– Perception – Some clients/customers perceive unarmed guards as more approachable and less intimidating, improving satisfaction.

For companies and organizations with tight budgets or limited security needs, using unarmed guards can be a strategic way to reduce security staffing costs while still providing a uniformed guard presence. The savings can add up substantially.