Smart Security Budgeting

Smart Security Budgeting: The Value of Unarmed Guards 

With budget season upon us, facility and property managers, are tasked with making strategic investments. One area ripe for cost savings is security services.

While armed guards may seem like the logical choice for protecting people and assets, unarmed security officers can provide a comprehensive and cost-effective solution that meets your needs. 

The cost benefits of partnering with an unarmed security provider are numerous: 

No Firearms Expenditure – One of the biggest line items to eliminate is anything related to firearms – purchasing guns and ammunition, licenses, range time, special storage, and ongoing training. Unarmed guards avoid these costs altogether. 

Lower Insurance Premiums – Because they represent a lower risk, insurance policies for unarmed security personnel tend to be much less expensive than coverage for armed guards. The savings on premiums can be significant. 

Reduced Training Commitments – While our guards receive top-notch training, the educational requirements are typically less extensive than those for armed counterparts. This translates into lower labor costs for training. 

More Affordable Bill Rates -The skills, risk level, and responsibilities for unarmed guards are less than armed officers. As a result, unarmed officers give you more flexibility in your budget for security. 

Flexible Staffing – Need to augment your security team for a busy period or event? With unarmed officers, it’s easy to scale staffing up or down as required with less logistical hurdles and costs. 

Expanded Site Options – There are many premises and situations where armed guards are not permitted or appropriate. With unarmed services, you have the flexibility to implement professional security nearly anywhere. 

Lower Turnover Rates – Because the training is less intensive for unarmed officers, the costs of bringing on new personnel when turnover occurs are reduced. This supports consistent, higher-quality service. 

Improved Customer Perceptions – Some clients and customers may perceive armed guards as intimidating. Unarmed officers can provide a sense of security while offering a more approachable presence. 

At IPSA Security Services, we understand that every business has unique security requirements. That’s why we take a customized approach, employing members of your community who care deeply about providing service excellence tailored to your specific situation. Our unarmed guards receive extensive training in observation, reporting, verbal commands and de-escalation to protect what matters most. 

As you plan for the upcoming fiscal year, partnering with IPSA for unarmed security services allows you to maximize your budget while still ensuring comprehensive protection for your people, property and assets. Our customized solutions demonstrate the value of investing in professional, cost-effective unarmed guards. 

Contact us today to discuss your needs and learn more about smart security budgeting!