Tips for Building Resilience and Wellbeing  

Working in security can be a demanding job both physically and mentally. Dealing with the public, physical activity, and high alertness takes a toll over time if you don’t actively take steps to manage stress and practice self-care. Promoting personal resilience and wellbeing is key to being able to handle the pressures of the work long-term.  

Here are some practical tips for security staff to incorporate into their routines: 

  • Stay hydrated – Dehydration can amplify feelings of fatigue and strain. Keep a water bottle handy to sip from frequently. Avoid excessive caffeine. 
  • Snack smart – Hunger pangs, low blood sugar, and poor nutrition make stress worse. Keep healthy snacks like nuts, fruits, and vegetables on hand. 
  • Talk to coworkers – Conversations and laughing together builds camaraderie. Co-workers can relate and offer support. 
  • Practice deep breathing – When feeling overwhelmed, take a few minutes to breathe slowly and deeply into your abdomen. This helps activate the relaxation response. 
  • Try mindfulness techniques – Apps like Calm offer short guided meditations you can do discreetly during the workday. Being present reduces anxiety. 
  • Exercise regularly – Doing cardio and strength training not only keeps you fit for the job, but it also naturally boosts mood and manages stress hormones. 
  • Get enough sleep – Fatigue fuels irritability. Ensure you get appropriate amounts of sleep as it is crucial to wellbeing. 
  • Set limits – Leave work at work. Set boundaries or designate time for work responsibilities. 
  • Pursue hobbies – Make time for fun activities that relax you and counterbalance stress. Socialize with family and friends. 
  • Seek counseling – If burnout, depression, or anxiety persist, don’t hesitate to consult a therapist. Getting help is wise. 

Prioritizing self-care takes commitment but pays off. Implementing even a few of these suggestions can make work less taxing and enhance your overall wellbeing.