November Featured Blog

Making the Most of Your Security Services Provider

Effective utilization of unarmed guards is key to delivering robust yet welcoming security. Specialized training transforms unarmed officers into proactive problem solvers with a broader impact. That’s why, at IPSA Security Services, we equip our unarmed security professionals with training for a range of duties that leverage their personable presence.

Here are some of the creative ways we maximize our unarmed officers:

  • Customer Service: Our guards are taught to greet visitors, provide directions, answer questions, and offer assistance as needed. Their welcoming presence and helpfulness can improve perceptions of your brand.
  • Access Control: IPSA guards are trained to thoroughly yet tactfully verify identification and authorization before granting access to sensitive areas. This access control role enhances safety without the need for armed security.
  • Concierge: We instruct our unarmed officers to tend to minor tasks like signing for deliveries, directing guests, and notifying employees of arrivals. This concierge-style assistance lends convenience for clients.
  • Traffic Control: Our guards can play an important role in keeping vehicle and pedestrian traffic orderly and safe at public events and high-density facilities using proper traffic management techniques.
  • Emergency Response: While unarmed, our guards are trained in emergency response to incidents like weather events, fires, medical emergencies etc. Their real-time observation and reporting aids faster containment.

At IPSA Security Services, we recognize that unarmed guards can provide immense value beyond just patrolling and observing facilities. With the right training and approach, unarmed officers can become a customer service asset that enhances safety and satisfaction. Contact us to learn more about enhancing your facility’s protection with IPSA’s cutting-edge approach to unarmed security.