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Security Industry Trends to Watch For  

Emerging Threats and Solutions for Commercial Real Estate 

The security landscape is constantly evolving as new technologies emerge and offenders find creative ways to exploit vulnerabilities. As a business occupying commercial real estate, it’s critical to understand the latest security risks and solutions available to help protect your property, assets, and people.  

Here are some of the top trends in security along with unarmed guard services that can help mitigate these threats: 

  1. Insider Threats 

Ill-intended employees, contractors, or vendors with access to facilities, networks, and assets can deliberately cause harm.  


Unarmed guards can provide access control and monitoring of sensitive areas to help deter and detect suspicious insider activity. Conducting periodic audits of access logs and cameras also helps identify issues. 

  1. Social Engineering 

Some offenders manipulate human psychology through phishing, phone scams, and other techniques to gain security info or access. With more employees working remotely, scam vulnerability has increased. 


Unarmed guards can help train staff through awareness programs on how to spot and respond to potential social engineering scams and suspicious behavior. 

  1. Perimeter Vulnerabilities 

Breaches often occur by exploiting weaknesses around the physical building perimeter. Offenders look for blind spots, unlocked doors, or will tailgate authorized access. 


Unarmed guards can conduct frequent perimeter walks and inspections to check for vulnerabilities. Monitoring access points and preventing tailgating also protects against unauthorized entry. 

  1. Ransomware Attacks 

Ransomware remains one of the biggest cybersecurity threats facing businesses today. These attacks encrypt files and systems and demand payment to decrypt them. With more devices connected to networks, there are more vulnerabilities for hackers to exploit. 


Unarmed guards can help with cybersecurity by controlling physical access to technology systems and server rooms. Restricting access helps prevent tampering or unauthorized connections that could enable malware. 

  1. Terror Threats 

The threat of domestic or international terrorism persists against public spaces like office buildings or shopping centers. Tactics can range from active shooters to bombs. 


Unarmed guards can help deter incidents through visible security presence and report suspicious activity. Response training prepares them to notify authorities and implement emergency plans. 

As risks evolve, partnering with a trusted unarmed guard services provider is key to identifying vulnerabilities and developing the right security plan using trained personnel. With proactive solutions, businesses can effectively protect their property and mitigate emerging threats.