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Smart Security Budgeting

Smart Security Budgeting: The Value of Unarmed Guards 

Maximize your security budget with unarmed solutions from IPSA Security Services – our highly trained, community-engaged officers provide customized, cost-effective protection for your people and assets. Discover the value of smart spending through our comprehensive unarmed services this budget season.

Become Security Guard

4 Simple Steps To Get Your Unarmed Security Guard Card

As one of the leading providers of unarmed security personnel in the state of Arizona and a growing presence in Texas, we want to share some helpful tips on how to obtain your guard card efficiently. 

Tips for Building Resilience and Wellbeing  

Working in security can be a demanding job both physically and mentally. Dealing with the public, physical activity, and high alertness takes a toll over time if you don’t actively take steps to manage stress and practice self-care. Promoting personal resilience and wellbeing is key to being able to handle the pressures of the work
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Security Industry Trends to Watch For  

Emerging Threats and Solutions for Commercial Real Estate  The security landscape is constantly evolving as new technologies emerge and offenders find creative ways to exploit vulnerabilities. As a business occupying commercial real estate, it’s critical to understand the latest security risks and solutions available to help protect your property, assets, and people.   Here are some
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November Featured Blog

Making the Most of Your Security Services Provider

Effective utilization of unarmed guards is key to delivering robust yet welcoming security. Specialized training transforms unarmed officers into proactive problem solvers with a broader impact. That’s why, at IPSA Security Services, we equip our unarmed security professionals with training for a range of duties that leverage their personable presence. Here are some of the creative ways we
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Building Strong Relationships Between Security Guards and Clients

Building Strong Relationships Between Security Guards and Clients

At IPSA Security Services, we understand that cultivating strong relationships between our unarmed guards and the clients they serve is critical for delivering the highest levels of satisfaction. When guards bond with those they protect, it enhances safety, communication and goodwill all around.  That’s why we make it a priority to establish alignment and open
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Keeping You Informed: How IPSA Provides Effective Security Performance Reporting

As a property owner or manager, having up-to-date information on the status of your security program is critical. Unfortunately, many security companies still rely on outdated reporting methods that leave clients in the dark between infrequent updates. At IPSA, we recognize the need for real-time visibility into security operations so you can make informed decisions.
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Potential Benefits of Using Unarmed Security Guards

– Cost Savings – They are less expensive than armed guards since they do not require firearms training and licensing. This can make them more affordable for many businesses and organizations. – Reduced Liability – There is less risk and liability involved when guards are unarmed. Lawsuits and legal issues are less likely to arise
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